Branded Goods Distributor

Order and warehouse management systems review for a distributor of branded goods. Existing systems and methods were studied and a comparison made of the alternatives:
· Retain, upgrade and interface the existing systems
· Replace one system and integrate it with the other
· Replace both systems with an integrated solution
Ted Maley Logistics was subsequently engaged in a project management role on continuation projects to:
· upgrade the existing hardware and WMS
· recommend and implement changes to the current storage to provide a closer match to the stock profile. Analyses were made of current stock-holding and current capacity and low cost changes identified and installed. Other findings were that there was old stock that could be disposed of and that the business had outgrown the existing warehouse.
· manage a programme of rack repairs
· advise on Health & Safety compliance. Primary risks were identified and Health & Safety consultants selected to carry out the risk assessments and draft policies and procedures
· extend use of the business system to cover order management. This involved the analysis of purchase and sales order management procedures, the development of User Requirements specifications and the management of change processes.

Fashion and Food Retailer

Warehouse and supply chain review for a 3rd party logistics provider on behalf of a high street retailer. Warehouse operations were studied, future requirements specified, preliminary Requests for Information issued to selected suppliers and costs for a new WMS provided. As a result of the warehouse study it was identified that by changing procedures the processing time for intakes could be reduced from 3 days to one day and also that the time for replenishment to stores could be reduced from 36 hrs to 12 hrs.

3rd Party Logistics Contractor

Warehouse and systems review for a 3rd party logistics contractor. Existing system and supplier capabilities were compared to future needs and the adoption of a best-of-breed WMS was recommended. Advice was also provided on the most effective way of meeting Sainsbury’s labelling and ASN requirements in a short timescale.
In support of a future move to a new warehouse, alternative storage designs were compared, the size of the warehouse determined and outline capital and operating costs provided.

Food Manufacturer

Provision of a shortlist of WMS suppliers to a consultancy working on a multi-site project. Telephone interviews were conducted with selected suppliers and a graded short-list of suitable suppliers prepared.

Hardware Service Provider

Warehouse operational review. Following a review of both physical operations and processes, it was recommended that the warehouse should be redesigned to better suit the goods being handled and that a WMS should be installed. Subsequently a series of small projects were identified that could be managed by the clients own staff.

Food Manufacturer

Project management of the functional specification stage of a project for a Europe wide WMS system.

Diesel Engine Manufacturer

Management of a project to ‘computerise’ the Spares Department. Working with departmental specialists this required the analysis of existing procedures and the introduction of more streamlined methods.

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